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However, one did come upon the earth to show us that there is a way for this not to be so. I refer to Jesus of Nazareth, he who was the Christ. His simple message was to love God and to love thy neighbour as thy self. He also said that “As I have done, so all of ye can do” After his death on the cross and his burial, he rose from the dead, but it was no miracle. It was simply because that seed of imperfection was not present in him. Through many incarnations, Jesus the man had reached a state of perfection and death could not hold him. His spirit, having risen higher still had become one with the Creator and because he was perfect, could now manifest fully as Christ, the Son of God. With no stain of sin or karma he had no need to return to the earth but in obedience to the Father, his special mission was to show man that if he too could raise his soul vibrations sufficiently, the cycle of birth, death and re-birth would be broken. And so it is, once soul vibrations have reached a state of perfection, the soul re-absorbs into the spirit, death is defeated and there is a reunion with the divine.

Upon an earth plane whose vibrations had also been so raised, advanced civilisation could last forever, conflict would cease and there would truly be heaven on earth. Death of individuals would simply be replaced by moving at will to other realms at the end of earthly tasks and returning just as easily when necessary. Likewise with institutions, once created and fit for purpose, they could last and go on. We are told that there are many realms already raised to this status that look down in pity on man’s hopelessness and simply cannot understand why we are in this state.

The soul of man is truly at a point of transition. It is obvious to many that life on earth has reached a point almost of no return. With climate change about to spiral out of control, with exponential population growth and endless war it is clear that life as we know it has no future, in truth it may already be too late. The conditions that have lead inexorably to this state were put in place long ago, perhaps from the earliest civilisations onwards. However, at the dawn of the industrial age, there was a definite acceleration. So what went wrong?

During each period of history when civilisation reached a peak. China, Egypt, Greece, Rome, there were advances in creativity, learning and science one leading into the next. After Rome however came the dark ages when but for a few sparks of past knowledge retained in the Arab world, all learning ceased. But the light returned, first in the Italian renaissance, bringing art, culture and the renewal of science and then in England, where modern science and technology began.

At first, all was well and the great advance in knowledge, which led to the industrial age, brought enormous benefits to mankind. But man is not perfect and along with these advances has come equally enormous opportunities to satisfy the cravings of the lower self. The result is that far from creating a better world, where scientific knowledge could have been used for good, a world of virtual hell on earth is now almost upon us. A world that just like the Gaderene swine, is rushing headlong to destruction and all because of our complete absorption with our material lives.

Yes there are those who strive hard not to fall by the wayside. They are a force for good and their prayers do have an effect but statistically, without some miracle of redemption they are too few to make a difference or to avert catastrophe. Many others desperately seek some glimmer of light to ease the burden of their material existence. They are often confused and finding themselves surrounded by the conflicting beliefs of different faith groups, end up not knowing which way to turn. Others simply believe in nothing other than what they can see or feel around them, possibly attempting to fill their emptiness with various forms of negative escapism.

The Earth herself is a living spiritual entity but is suffering at the hands of mankind’s material follies. However, she is now fighting back and climate change is just the beginning. The Almighty will not permit man to destroy the home that was created for him and if to save the planet from further damage man has to be removed, then that is exactly what will happen. Whether or not the total removal of man from the face of the earth will occur is hard to say but any survivors could be few in number and the conditions they have to face harsh indeed and it could take hundreds, perhaps thousands of years until the lesson has been thoroughly learned and anything resembling civilisation could take root again. It has been said that in such conditions, the living would envy the dead.

From the beginning of this century, many believe that we have now entered the end time and indeed, many prophecies concerning the end of the world as we know it are clearly playing out but one doesn’t need prophecy. The evidence is all around us and plain to see, from global warming to endless war, the insane pursuit of pleasure and material gain. With a veritable hell on earth rapidly spinning out of control, the old adage comes to mind ‘Those whom the gods wish to destroy, first they make mad.

The effects of global warming and climate change are now becoming plain to see. This and the recent financial chaos brought some awareness of what we face right to the top of the international agenda. Sadly though because of an apparent hiatus in these effects which will be short lived, that brief period of heightened awareness has come to an end and it is obvious that for many, especially those in power the overwhelming desire is to return to the status quo and continue as before, with economic growth, conspicuous consumption and materialism as the only goals. In other words a surrender once more to the dictates of the lower self.

With what little chance there is of averting or even ameliorating the coming catastrophe fast disappearing, one can only pray for some kind of miracle as it is clear that mankind in general has now probably made his final choice. For those that are aware, the time is coming for a move towards the next spiral of existence. For all of us, there is little time left.