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The work of Charles Darwin has shown that man is an animal of the same order as that of the great apes and that as an animal, is pre-programmed to exhibit the full range of animal instincts. In other words the first priority of man as an animal is survival, secondly, the pro-creation of the species and third the protection and nurture of offspring to maturity. From these three basic drives in man, all else springs.

Purely as an animal co-existing with all other life on earth man survived, pro-created and died in a completely natural way. Other than the normal fight for survival, there was no conflict and all would have remained thus in perpetuity but for a momentous event that took place.

At a particular point in time, thought by some to be about forty thousand years ago though evidence of the antiquity of cave paintings suggests it may have been much earlier, man’s physical brain and mental capacity developing gradually, had reached a point in Darwinian terms where it was now ready for a enormous leap forward. It appears to have happened quite suddenly. This advanced animal Man, unique among the great apes in being able to walk upright, became enlightened, endowed with wisdom and the power of reason, in short Homo Sapiens was born.

So what exactly took place at that time? Anthropologists would have us believe it was no more than natural development but herein lies the divergence of scientific rationality and that higher perception of truth often reflected only in myth, religious beliefs and the collective memory. Here, there are pointers to a very different explanation.

All the great faiths of the world seem to have common ground in their respective beliefs concerning creation and the origins of man. From Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden to the Great White Spirit fashioning man from clay and breathing life into him. In their different ways they are surely recording the same event.

Prior to that event many speak of a great war in heaven, a rebellion in which the rebel forces were defeated, cast out and left to wander the cosmos looking for a home. At the same time, remnants of the pursuing forces perhaps tempted to pursue too far, became cut off. Sullied by conflict and the density of lower worlds, the level of vibration needed to remain on high was lost and hence a whole host of spiritual beings were thus compelled to find refuge in planes of existence closer to the material. Of these, one such may well have been the biblical Garden of Eden. Close to the Earth in that the spirit of man could now manifest in human form yet not descended so far as to sever all contact with beings from higher states.

The final part of the descent is well illustrated in the story of Adam and Eve. Warned in an oblique form that their existence in paradise was precarious, they were still in contact with those from higher realms who watched over them. Perhaps a rescue was planned before their descent was complete. Yet other beings, some of the defeated rebels, themselves having once possessed the Earth, possibly in reptilian form had plans of their own. They had not been able to remain on earth as their vibrations had sunk even lower but in revenge against those who had pursued them, they now sought to begin a process that would cause these higher beings to fall further still.

For man as a spiritual entity eating was not necessary for survival, merely a pastime for enjoyment. Not having experienced desire, nor was there any need of sexual satisfaction, these being attributes only of the fully incarnate human. The part about the forbidden fruit therefore, illustrates a ploy of entrapment designed to unlock the door to these desires, which could only be satisfied fully in the flesh. As soon as the door to knowledge was unlocked, their descent into full incarnation was complete.

The first thing they would have realised was that they were naked. In an instant, they had become imprisoned in the bodies of two existing human beings, taking on their entire animal nature as their vibrations fell accordingly. There would still have remained memories of their once higher state now lost but perhaps only as an unconscious longing for reunion with the divine.

In their initial despair at the realisation of what had befallen them there would have been recriminations as outlined in the Old Testament. Only in their consciences would they still know that the only way back to what had been lost would be to overcome the desires of their newly incarnated lower selves and the whole lower vibration of the material world into which they had sunk.

In the times that followed many higher beings were similarly tempted by the pleasures of life in the flesh and joined the rush into incarnation. It was as if a dam had burst. “And the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and they took wives of all them that they chose” (Genesis VI, 2)

In ever increasing numbers therefore these apes with enlarged brains were taken over by spiritual beings fallen through their own folly from higher realms. Their enemy was well pleased with the outcome of his endeavours. His pursuers had fallen neatly into his trap. Now, using their newly acquired animal instincts against them, it would be possible to make sure that they never again could rise above the material existence of the earth. Yes, they would live and die in the way of all flesh but in repeated incarnations, they would remain prisoners of the earth. Finally having blotted out all memory of the realms from which they came, they would become enslaved and so addicted by the desires of their lower selves that they could then be dragged down to a level from which escape was impossible.